"It's time to rise up and prayerwalk the land."

We find ourselves at a crossroads. I don't know a better way to convey this to you than face-to face, through two brief videos. I know it's a lot to ask, but would you do me the honor of watching them both?

I came back from our 800-mile prayerwalk through California energized.
I must confess, I wasn't completely sure I still had it in me. But by God's grace, I finished strong. I started hearing from God about expanding our prayerwalks, but it was difficult to discern, as we were inundated with family matters at that time. After Mom's home-going and Dad's subsequent solo-visit over the holidays, everything started coming into focus. And so...

We're leaving this weekend to begin a new 1700-mile prayerwalk. Please watch this first two-minute video, then read on...


God's favor on us with pastors-and-leaders has led to a significant change in our prayerwalking model, which will require different preparations. Please watch this second two-minute video, then read on...


When I asked Deanna about adding another shin-splint-worthy prayerwalk to our already-packed schedule, she said, "It's about time!" Add to that what my Neurologist exclaimed at my recent exam, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"

Without repentance-in-unity, the American Church will remain powerless to change the course of a nation in decline. Together, we can call on God's mercy to change that. Will you help us do that?

Please go to our brand new Support Page to explore how God might be calling you to be a significant change-agent for the American Church.

And please print out this one-page prayer sheet to post on your fridge. More info here

With love and gratitude, 

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  • Deanna and I want to thank so many of you for your gracious outpouring of condolences regarding my Mom's home-going.
  • Don't forget to visit our brand new support page...and please agree with us that in the next 40 days leading up to Palm Sunday (Lent), we will experience a breakthrough in our monthly support! 
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An unexpected ending to a glorious journey

Our 800-mile prayerwalk which culminated on Election Day was amazing! This intercessory journey is already bearing much fruit. Even so, I sense it is merely a spiritual springboard to the nationwide awakening we will soon see...an awakening which you and I can help to usher in, if we will receive it. I will have more to share about this in the weeks ahead...

On Election Day, the final prayerwalking day of our relay, I received an emergency call about my Mom up in Portland, Oregon. I booked the next flight out of San Diego to join my brother and sister, along with our Dad, at her hospital bedside. (Some local pastors heard the news and helped form extra relay teams so I could still make the finish line, from which I was immediately whisked away to the airport, sweaty clothes and all.)

Mom went to heaven Sunday night 11/9/14. In her final days, she'd been in tremendous pain from bone cancer throughout her body, but she's perfect now. When the time came, she let us know she was ready; she wanted to "go home" to be with Jesus. 

All the grandkids got the chance to say goodbye via FaceTime, etc., and we all gathered for her memorial last Saturday, a very touching and honoring tribute. Many came to pay their respects; friends and family flew in from across the country. Our eldest, Michelle, came all the way from South Korea. In a precious note, she described Grandma's lifelong unconditional love for her as the "good kind of messy love." 

That was Mom. She left an indelible mark. (See you soon, Mom!)

I've barely been home 48 hours, but I will write again in a few weeks, for there is much to do. Until then, Deanna and I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We all have much to be thankful for! 

With much love,
Tom & Deanna 

Re:Union Walk California - Final Day

More pictures from today. A glorious day. When some other pastors heard I had to fly to PDX to be with my mom, they pitched in and helped me make it to the finish line before my flight. Thank you Michael, Charles and Davis (on his way when this pic was taken at the airport). Going to see Mom now. Please pray!! 

Made it! Mission San Diego with my dear brother and faithful prayerwalking partner. 

Praying at the USA/Mexico border with Davis Hill & Charles Karich 

Started back at Mission San Juan Capistrano this morning. All original. Fascinating and fulfilling to pray through such an ancient well.

Tom & Davis praying

Father Junipero Serra preached here.

In the chapel

Loft organ

Our newest team member, Davis Hill 

On our way to Mission San Luis Rey de Franci, Oceanside. Another original building. Exceptionally sweet prayer time tonight. 

Mission San Luis Rey de Franci