An angelic day of prayerwalking.

Irvine. The city of 6-lane boulevards and 3-minute stop lights at each one. God bless all the urban planning commissions everywhere...

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Great day prayerwalking with our new old friend, Davis Hill. Proof that blessings often come with blisters! More mañana.

Mission San Gabriel Archangel

Tom & Davis

Davis & Kevin

Prayed at Mission San Buenaventura with friends old and new. (Pic got cut off) With the help of our friends, John Tolle and Scott Berman, we're only about 13 miles from Mission San Fernando. Tough but sweet day. 

Mission San Buenaventura

Taken from moving car...

Impressive building in Simi Valley

This sweet young lady, Adriana, asked if she could bless two tired prayerwalkers with a late dinner. She recommended a tacqueria right down the street. Tenderest Chile Verde on trip so far... An appreciated gift from an impressive leader of the next generation. Thanks Adriana.

Where I used to take my worship team to coffee between services in Ventura, a million years ago...

Trail where I first started daily prayerwalking in Ventura back in 1995.

Prayerwalked a little bit ahead today, in case the sprinkles turned to showers. Got a lot of help from Toni and Roberta. Thanks ladies!!!

Mission San Fernando Rey de España

Mission San Fernando Rey de Edpaña

Thanks Toni and Roberta!!! 

Prayerwalked through "movie western" country in Chatsworth this morning

Met With Jacob Reeves, a pastor/prayer leader in Santa Barbara today, right on our route down State Street. Then I got to prayerwalk along the Rincon with my good friend Scott Berman...the brother who taught me the ropes of running (along the Rincon) which led to six marathons and 16,000 miles across the USA...we ended at Mission San Buenaventura. Still ahead of schedule. Prayed with our dear friends, John and a Rosemary Tolle, and some new friends, Marina, Jora and Liz. A real sweet night. Tomorrow we'll start walking from Ventura, and come back to Ventura to pray with a group at 7pm at the Mission.

Jacob Reeves and me 



Santa Barbara


Close to Ventura

Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Buenaventura

Mission Santa Barbara by morning light. And a picture from State Street, the main thoroughfare in Santa Barbara. Come Lord Jesus! Deliver us from the love of money!