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Before you navigate the giving options below, please take a moment to watch this important video. We are walking by faith at a whole new level...this video will explain why. 

Without repentance-in-unity, the American Church will remain powerless to change the course of a nation in decline. You can help change that by supporting our work monthly. And, please consider an extra one-time gift today, to help us get launched in the Gulf. 

Thank you so very much-- 


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100/100/100 Special Monthly Gift

Many have asked how they can help with this history-making 100-day prayerwalk starting next Pentecost, even as we prayerwalk the Gulf. This prayerwalk is, BY FAR, the biggest thing we've ever believed for. Please consider being a part of its special intercessory support. 

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All gifts are tax deductible. Pentecost Walk is a mission of In His Presence Ministries, Inc., a non-profit corporation.