Headed to Frankfort, Kentucky

I-65 N toward Frankfort, KY

I-65 N toward Frankfort, KY

Today I'm joined by my good buddy, Ralph Whitaker. He and his wife, Kim, are as gracious of friends as anybody could ever ask for . . . all the more now, since their Virginia home became our CapitalWalk road-headquarters last week. 

Ralph was there first-hand when the unexpected scheduling change with my nephew was unfolding, and he was so compassionate to my need for a wing-man (and so passionate about this 50-state mission) that he asked the Lord if he could join me for a spell ("for a spell" is my affectionate nod to Ralph, a true Virginia country gentleman). 

So, off we go, with plenty of gas in the car, and an overflow of fire in our hearts! Thanks Kim (and Storm, their youngest daughter who's still at home) for letting me borrow your husband (dad) for a couple weeks! 

Come Lord Jesus! Yes, come quickly!  

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