Lansing, Michigan

Michigan gets a bad rap from believers across the country. Believe me, I've heard it. (I get around some.) Without meaning to, we can end up cursing a people or a place because of our media-fed images of poverty, crime, etc. Now, we weren't in Detroit or anywhere near that part of the state, but I can tell you that in the Capital environs of Michigan, the very patch of real estate which is, in most states, often indicative of the spiritual "state" of a state (See Ephesians 6:12), there was a lightness, an ease to worship, an atmosphere I would describe as "open heavens." 

Somebody's praying, beloved. And their prayers are effective. God cover this sweet city in this state that is a TREASURE to You! Bless their leaders and their intercessors. (Thanks Gina, for hosting us on 24 hours notice.)

Met up with a mighty band of prayer warriors from the MichHOP right across the street for the Capitol. Wonderful time outside and inside the building. 

Tom DemareeComment