Springfield, Illinois

Springfield is the only Capitol we've been to where the House side is more opulent than the Senate side. 

Fascinating and surprising afternoon in the "Land of Lincoln." Though we got to walk by Lincoln's home (btw, I'm hoping to figure a way for someone to build our gallery remotely, because we have loads of spankin' pictures, just no time [or signal, or both] to load them from the road), Springfield is not the quiet little country town you'd expect. There are a lot of issues of governmental corruption in this state, and the capital city reflects that. 

Now, I'm NOT cursing this state that is highly treasured and beloved by our heavenly Father. (Scroll a a few posts back to Lansing, Michigan.) But, I am saying that "righteousness exalts a nation" (or a state) "but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34) Our guides and prayer partners for Springfield, Annie and her sweet tribe of prayer warriors from the Illinois House of Prayer (just four blocks from the Capitol) shared many interesting prayer-points with us about this corruption, still prevalent in their state. For example, in the "Governor's Gallery" in the Capitol building, which is architecturally stunning on the inside (pray we can get our gallery updated during this trek), four of their last five Governor's are in jail. 

This is not a Democrat-or-Republican issue, beloved. These felons came from both sides of the aisle. This is a sin issue. So, let's pray... 

Lord, we lift up the great state of Illinois and ask that You continue to expose sin in the highest places, in government and even in Your Church. We ask, Lord, that wherever sin issues can be dealt with privately with loving accountability...before they become criminal issues...that by Your mercy, you offer folks that option. But Lord, wherever people are determined to be unrepentant, even in Your Church, wherever secret sin is prospering, we ask for heavenly exposure, that there could come genuine confession and that from that genuine confession, authentic repentance would rise up, bringing "times of refreshing." (Acts 3:19)

Refresh the "Land of Lincoln!" Refresh this blessed state and refresh her faithful prayer warriors and intercessors who serve You tirelessly as they stand in the gap for their homeland. Refresh us all, Lord Jesus! We desperately need times of refreshing. Pour out Your gift of repentance on Your people. Convict us to go about our daily lives, conducting ourselves in accordance with our Biblical namesake, as Your "special treasure, above all the peoples of the earth," the very people You've called us and EMPOWERED us to be! Expose every hidden thing, that we would be pleasing to You! AMEN. 

Tom DemareeComment