FINALLY, a recap of the first few weeks

Sorry it’s taken me this long to start posting. Honestly haven’t had a spare second until now (and we tweaked our schedule to make this time). BY GOD’S GRACE, we are not burning out, but take my word for it, 50 Capitals in 50 days is a real barnburner.

We've split this recap post in 27 separate entries, starting from my send-off at our home church. Scroll through the list to your heart's content. 

From now on... I’ll be sharing something (almost) daily. It won’t always be so “report” centered as this first long entry was, but if you can hang with us, I believe our agreement in prayer will move heaven and earth, for the sake of our nation and, ultimately, for the glory of our King!

We are only one jigsaw puzzle piece of God's glorious last-days blueprints, but, by faith, I believe a SIGNIFICANT piece.

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Keep praying, beloved. Something incredible is happening.

Tom Demaree2 Comments