Franklin, TN

Steve "1200 Miles" Wylie

A buddy of mine from home, Steve Wylie (a way-gifted songwriter), drove our rental car from Franklin, all the way to Biddeford, Maine, 1200 miles by himself! This gave me another day and a half with full wireless access for the advance work I was buried with, before flying out just in time for Sunday morning. Thanks Steve! Couldn’t have started well without you.

With only a few weeks notice for this 50 day adventure, overwhelmed was a considerable understatement, especially since we had TWO separate meetings scheduled daily, a noontime prayerwalk and a follow-up meeting in that same Capital each evening.

We’ve since transitioned into a new model of having our get-on-the-same-page gatherings at an area church in the evening (when more folks can come), then caravanning together to the Capitol for a moonlight nightwatch/prayerwalk on the Capitol grounds. Waaay sweet. Sort of a spiritual “field trip” for adults. 

Tom DemareeComment