Augusta, Maine

A Divine appointment on our first prayerwalk!

We ran into this older gentleman named Jesse on the street. Jesse has no legs. He was "walking" to the Capitol to complain to the governor about his ill-fitting prosthetic legs, which he'd been carrying in a plastic bag (weighing 8 lbs.) while negotiating crutches from the bus stop to the Capitol. We carried his "legs" to the Capitol for him, and visited with him for quite a while. BUT THE BEST MOMENT was when my friend Jody, who is profoundly hard of hearing, prayed for him. I was so overcome, I quickly got my phone out to record this God-moment. I missed the very start of her prayer when she said, "I have no ears, and you have no legs, but we have a God in heaven who loves us. Someday, when we get to heaven, you will get new legs and I will get new ears.”

(I know the audio from the street is terrible, but turn it up and listen anyway. It’s well worth it.)

And thanks to Pastor Kevin Kidd for the love AND the seafood platter!

Tom DemareeComment