Charleston, West Virginia

I finally joined up with my nephew, Jared. He’s a newlywed (almost two years now), busily building up a new photography business, but he set all that aside to join his Uncle-Pastor Tom as a missionary volunteer for this adventure. Now THAT’S faith. Well done, Jared. Please pray for his wife at home in Seattle, Melissa.

My good friends, Rodney Lord and Gordie Deer, pastors from up in Marietta, Ohio, picked up Jared from the airport and brought him down to Charleston. These guys are covenant brothers and good buddies in Christ. Thanks guys for coming through for the Team.

We had some bad news upon Jared's arrival. An elderly neighbor of theirs, a kindly old man with Alzheimer’s, was accidentally shot and killed by the Seattle Police Department as they responded to a 9-1-1 call that the elderly man himself had made. So tragic. He was beloved by all his neighbors, including Jared and Melissa. She is still undone, and ministering to many neighbors. Please pray.

Thanks Pastor Phil and Suzette...and Sarah!

Tom DemareeComment