Boston, Massachusetts

This Statehouse is especially dear to my heart, having led a 14-hour prayer meeting in its bowels (about 200 folks in a room BFD-rated for 60) during its battle over its first stab at a “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA). The story of that day was a life-long eye-opener for me, but too long for this space. (I’ll try to share it by video during this 50-day adventure or blog about it after we get back.)

(Somebody please remind me!)

Met a new friend, young enough to be my own son…Jonathan Friz. What an awesome dude. He had Brandt Gillespie shoot a video of us in Roberto Miranda’s (Leon’ de Judah's) studio. We still haven’t got our hands on it, but will post as soon as we get it. In the meantime, here’s a post of the interview I did of Jonathan, when he turned the tables on me and had me play host…

But above all that, the biggest treat of the day was getting a chance to pray with my long-time faithful friend in the Lord, Sister Katherine Puleo. God used Katherine to single-handedly turn the tables on governmental prayer in the Commonwealth a generation ago. Bless you dear one!

Tom DemareeComment