Concord, New Hampshire

Beloved, the body of Christ needs to learn how to be inconvenienced for the Gospel.

We're good at orchestrating big events, but not so good at responding to the Holy Spirit in real time. I’m all for planning, and I can assure you that I don’t think something needs to be spontaneous to be holy, but (to the best of my knowledge) this mission was a “suddenly,” the kind of endeavor that simply by its last-minute nature, will require folks to respond by faith quickly...IN REAL TIME. 

Now, it’s a big mistake to ever presume that everybody would want to get in on your deal, no matter how God-inspired that deal might be. Oftentimes, it’s truly impossible for folks to change their plans at the last minute, and as well, they shouldn’t. God plans are good plans. 

Even here in New Jersey (where I'm writing this in a hotel lobby), one of my best friends up in Cranford had an all-day event at his church involving a ton of volunteers and guests coming in.  This had all been planned months in advance, so, as painfully ironic as it was, his church (which is like a home away from home to Deanna and me) couldn’t participate yesterday in Trenton. (But I’m going there to speak after this mission to give a full report).

Alas, some Concord-area folks who I thought would be all over this didn't even get to hear about it. But stuff happens. We're all overloaded. We're all rushed. Personally, I probably miss it at least half the time; I just won't know which half until I'm face-to-face with my Master...and then I won't even care. 

Come Lord Jesus.

But…we had a spankin’ time anyway. Our host church that morning, Grace Ministries International, pastored by my friends Allen and Lucie Cook, brought a small army up to the State House to agree with me, as we connected the spiritual dots from coast to coast. Hallelujah! Thanks Allen and all…you are precious to me!

Tom DemareeComment