Madison, Wisconsin

Had a spankin' time with a storefront church full of passionate prayer warriors...located right in the artsy heart of Madison, a (very) brisk half mile walk from the Capitol. These folks have such a compassionate, yet uncompromising heart for the lost...what an example to all of us!

Wisconsin has been in the forefront of the news over the last year or so. The Church has been castigated--by association with certain political viewpoints--in a town where political castigation is celebrated by pop culture. The reaction of these folks? They don't fight back; they keep coming back for more in the love of Christ. That doesn't mean they don't have political opinions, but they're actually more interested in reaching the lost than winning a political argument.

At least that how they (and how I myself, and I'm hoping, how you) want to be. Lord, give us a laser-focused heart for Your harvest!

My kind of hippies-for-Jesus

My kind of hippies-for-Jesus