One more scheduling day

We had to make some changes, beloved. We are still prayerwalking every Capitol, but the arduousness of this journey is almost inconceivable from an American (coddled, comfortable and pre-planned) worldview. Nonetheless, God said to do this, and I sense His pleasure and approval as we continue. I truly believe He is bringing breakthrough through our obedience.

Ralph and Kim Whitaker

Still, to finish well, we stayed an extra day at our good friends, the Whitaker's, in Amelia Courthouse, Virginia...they could not have been more gracious.

My nephew, Jared, returned home today. I treasure the ten days we had together, as he and I are closer than ever. It was very bittersweet to see him off to the airport, via Amtrak (where, unfortunately, he missed his stop for BWI and had to take 27 planes, 13 taxis, 3 rickshaws and a moped to make his rescheduled stand-by flights, the NEXT day...perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but I feel his pain).  Bottom line, he needed to get home. He was needed at his newlywed home, and he needed to be there. The expression, "It's all good" applies here (and everywhere else in our lives and mission endeavors), if we declare it in God's context of Romans 8:28. 

God bless you Jared, and your dear wife, Melissa. Your giftedness as a photographer is massive, but not a smidgen as big as your heart of compassion! Aunt Deanna and I are honored to know you. We love you like a son, and look forward to the next opportunity to be together. Peace to you both as you settle back into Seattle life. 

Tom DemareeComment