"Suddenly" Prayer Request: 800-mile prayerwalk in CA before Election Day

Beloved friends in Christ...

Four days ago, God gave me a "suddenly." So tomorrow morning, Kevin and I are flying to California to start an 800-mile prayerwalking-relay through the state in the 21 days leading up to Election Day.


Perhaps. But what has conventionality ever done for us? I would submit that only unbridled, radical obedience clears the temple. And my temple needs clearing. What about yours? What about America's?
We are at a nationwide tipping point. God has chosen the foolish things (a ragtag group of prayerwalkers) to confound the wise (conventional thinking in the Church). (See 1 Corinthians 1:26-31)

In our travels, God's favor is exploding! There is no word to describe it except "fire." And Christ Himself is the One fanning the flames, not man. Pilot lights of prayer are being lit and re-lit from coast to coast as He sits on His throne with His winnowing fork in hand, ready to rise. 

Come Lord Jesus!

As His favor is increases, so must our finances. There's an important note about this at the very bottom of this letter. Would you please pray about being His vessel of supernatural generosity today?

I'm pretty tender these days, even wimpier than usual in the tear duct department. I know I need to be tenderized, just ask Deanna. But I'm not just talking about tenderheartedness, though, Lord knows, I could use more of that. I'm talking about the kind of trembling tenderness that only comes in the glorious presence of the Lord.

Confession time: God wrecked me a couple weeks ago at the IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City. I didn't realize how much funkiness and presumption was in my heart until God exposed it there. 

Note: These communiqués aren't the forum for my personal catharsis, so let me just say this: From now on, I never want to speak (or think) simply like a "salt shaker" again. I always want to be "full of grace, seasoned with salt." (Colossians 4:6)

Thirteen years ago, God gave me another "suddenly," His vision for Pentecost Walk. With that vision came a promise: "If you do this, I will change the spiritual landscape of America." 
Fifteen thousand miles later, we're seeing the birth pangs: Folks becoming a church much bigger than four walls; leaders working together in a bond of friendship rather than just ministerial duty; cities being transformed through repentance-in-unity. God is keeping His promise.

The "homestretch" is on! Since Labor Day we've been traveling the country nonstop doing advance work for the 100/100/100. As soon as this "suddenly" is done after Election Day, we'll be getting right back to our advance campaign for these 100 Days. 

With all the favor we've experienced over the years, even all the way to the White House, we've never seen anything quite like this. We're barely able to keep hold of the hem of His garment. As partners-in-agreement, let's hold on together.

Thankful for His faithfulness, and for yours... 


Tom DemareeComment