Out on a limb...for our biggest thing yet


This is a big deal to me...

Eighteen days ago, I sent you an email with a revised subject line. A minor detail, except for the fact that this revision did not reflect the passion (and prayer) of my heart. I'd wanted to convey how overwhelmed I was (and still am) by this upcoming prayerwalk, and to simply ask for your help in a straightforward way. But, fearing I might come off like it was "all about me," I second-guessed myself, and in so doing, communicated in a less-than-open manner. My bad. Please forgive me. 

Life is far too short for the bravado of feigned strength, or the nausea of self pity. Friends need to speak the truth in love. Period. 

May I start over?

I changed the original subject line from "The biggest thing we've ever gone after" to the more missionally-descriptive title you received, thinking the former sounded a bit self serving...almost as if we were the only ones doing "big" things for God. 


Still, this 50-State CapitalWalk is the biggest thing we've ever endeavored to do. That might sound strange, coming from the "walk across America" guy. After all, we (like many others) have always walked by faith. Paid staff? Nope. Up-front funding? Never. Ridiculous time constraints? Always.

But 51 body-wide prayerwalks, in the last 51 days before Election Day, in 50 states (plus DC)?  Sorry if I sound like a wimp, but that's a bit daunting. 

So why do it? Because I try to live according to this abbreviated interpretation of Matthew 7:13-14... Obedience is difficult, but disobedience is tragic. 

I was out prayerwalking, minding my own business, when God gave me this short-term mission download. And I will freely admit I struggled over the how-the-heck-could-anyone-do-this question for some weeks before finally saying "yes." 

With Election Day fast approaching, perhaps I dithered too long, burning up valuable planning time. (We do start in 22 days.) I certainly wasn't trying to drag my feet; I just wanted to make sure I heard Him clearly. And I'm reminded by Deanna, my beloved helpmate who sees me more objectively than I see myself, that during these crucial weeks of praying for clarity, I wasn't feeling tip-top. 

This is simply the visible evidence of the invisible battle that rages over all our lives in real time. The good news is, we've already won, even when it looks different. 

Whether or not I took too long to settle these pre-election plans, I'll never know. But this I do know: I've heard the Lord clearly. This is what we're to do. 

Early returns already support this. People are pumped; pastors are preaching the Pre-Election Prayer for America; they agree that our need for a national wake-up call is desperate and immediate, perhaps the biggest need they've ever sensed for the Church in their lifetime. 

And not to place our little mission above any other act of obedience, but I believe these next 10 weeks will shape our nation for the next 10 years, probably more.... 

I'm inviting you to help. This is what we're believing for right now: 1) Your fervent and continual prayers for favor! 2) An immediate explosion of the needed financial support in advance. 3) Many volunteers to help us in all 50 states.

So if you haven't prayed over our last email, please do so...then get back to us.

Thankful that favor is better than talent!

And deeply thankful for you!



Your generous gift will pave the way. Please pray about giving today.  

Tom DemareeComment