To our Honorable Representatives, along with your Esteemed Staff and Colleagues

God bless you! Thank you for your service to our nation.

I was privileged to travel to all 435 Congressional Districts last year to pray the length-and-breadth of our nation during what has been a tumultuous time. My primary focus was connecting our communities in prayerful agreement, so that even in the media-fanned fire of a midterm-election year, our cancerous culture of polarization would be overcome by God’s spirit of reconciliation.

Having been called to prayerwalk our nation for 17 years to date, I've had the opportunity to speak from hundreds of pulpits representing the full bandwidth of American Christianity—economically, racially, and culturally.  Some folks think God is a Republican; others are convinced He's a Democrat.  In Isaiah 55:9, God self-identifies as being infinitely above either side of the aisle:

For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.

WHEN ABRAHAM LINCOLN quoted Scripture, saying, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” his speech became a rallying cry for the preservation of our Union.  More than 150 years later, we are divided as ever.  Deep down, we know our struggle is spiritual, not political.  Yet, in an utterly post-partisan way, we believe God has chosen the often-acrimonious arena of politics for “such a time as this,” to demonstrate His merciful healing in response to the genuine repentance of His people.  Simply and symbolically... 

Red + Blue = Purple

Not a politically correct convergence of feel-good platitudes, but a common trajectory, from varying Christian faith-traditions, toward one transcendent and Biblical goal: True oneness in Christ.

Just as an artist combines reds and blues to create royal hues of purple, we believe when WE THE PEOPLE come together under the Master's Hand in genuine unity, we transcend the earthly realm of political party-demarcation and step into the majesty of God's Kingdom.  Here, He exhorts us to pray for one another as a "first of all" priority, especially for those He has empowered with governmental authority....

Would you please allow me the honor of serving you, by letting my team and I know how we might pray for you, your staff and your constituents? 

By His grace, here are three outcomes we're hoping for as we connect with you and your District:

1. To encourage and bless you.

Scripture tells us that praying for those in authority leads us to living a "quiet and peaceable" life. Considering the increasingly caustic political environment you find yourself in daily, a little peace and quiet would be a welcome change. 

2. To serve those who serve you.

Everywhere we go, we partner with pastors, coming alongside them to prayerwalk their parishes, honoring them as the visible caretakers of their communities, even while calling them, together, to a deeper expression of friendship-based unity. 

Who are your "go-to" ministerial leaders? In your faith-life, who has your back? As we connect with pastors in your District, we want to honor those who care for you. We would count it a privilege to agree with them in prayer.

3. To rally your constituents toward agreement-in-prayer.

Lord willing, the ministerial leaders we rally will, in turn, rally their peers, that there would be a spiritual army at your doorstep (and every Member of the 116th Congress), praying for you...blessing you. The entire nation, all 435 Districts, agreeing in prayer.


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