The Nuts & Bolts of Church Support

As missionaries, our focus is on blessing you, not the other way around. Nonetheless, pastors and leaders are always asking how they can help.

Here's how...

We make no demands. Our speaking engagements, prayer-rallies and public events are not scheduled based on up-front financial commitments; we are intentionally faith-based. Wherever we are sent-or-invited, we go without a “money belt," believing Christ’s admonition that “the laborer is worthy of his wages.” Any honorariums, mission-support or travel reimbursements are given at the sole discretion of our hosts.

We are a para-church ministry. Unlike a parish-church, we aren’t supported by a storehouse/tithe base, so special offerings and gifts comprise a great deal of our overall budget. Thank you for prayerfully considering Pentecost Walk as part of your mission giving.Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Travel/lodging expenses: Travel costs for domestic missionary work in America are expensive. We would always hope to have these “hard costs” covered separately. Airline tickets, airport-parking, train fares, rental-cars, fuel, Uber/taxis, hotels and meals add up daily. If these costs have not been prearranged with another host, we can provide expense information for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Pastor Tom has a health challenge that makes adequate rest a medical necessity. For this reason, host-homes are less than ideal; hotel accommodations are preferred. Our mission maintains elite status with Marriott Rewards, who often extend us special “missionary” rates. We typically book directly with Marriott-brand properties for this reason, as maintaining elite status allows us to maximize points within one hotel group, affording more options whenever lodging isn't covered by a host. 

Missionary love offerings: In most cases, churches/groups receive a special love-offering for our mission, which is very helpful and much appreciated. We provide offering forms and giving-envelope labels for this purpose (below). We prefer the host pastor/leader receive this special offering on our behalf, immediately after we've shared, so folks know-and-remember what they're sowing into. Checks should be made payable to Pentecost Walk. (All donors receive year-end tax-deductible giving receipts.)

Please distribute to each attendee:

Building relationships: At the frenetic pace of many of our prayer-initiatives, meeting fellow under-shepherds is often a blur. We welcome the opportunity to return and build upon these new friendships. "How good and pleasant it is..."