Rev. Tom Demaree, Founder/Director of Pentecost Walk, has prayerwalked over 23,000 miles across the length and breadth of the country, bringing God’s message of repentance-in-unity to the body of Christ by coming alongside pastors and leaders as a brother and a friend. To date, these joint-efforts have touched all 50 states, involving thousands of churches. As a speaker and singer/songwriter, Tom brings the word of the Lord in a refreshingly plainspoken manner—a safe haven for the listener, whether conservative or charismatic. By God’s grace and favor alone, his life has been catalytic to many embracing a deeper intimacy with Christ, and through that intimacy, rediscovering the joy of His unity with one another.

Tom served on staff  under Pastor Jack Hayford in the mid-eighties and two subsequent West Coast churches before devoting himself fully to trans-local ministry in the late nineties. A self-described "Roman Bapticostal," he and his wife, Deanna, have three children and one son-in-law (no grandchildren yet), ages 26-33. When not on the road, they make their home in Franklin, Tennessee.

Deanna Demaree is the "den mother" of Pentecost Walk. A graceful, generous and talented woman with an ever-present passion for God's presence, she never craves the spotlight, preferring to serve behind the scenes. From singlehandedly driving the 40-foot RV during the first cross-country prayerwalk (while simultaneously caring for the entire team) to editing Tom's writings, she is a full-partner in every sense, behind every good thing in Tom's life and ministry.

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