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WE BELIEVE that as the Church goes, so goes the nation. WE BELIEVE God is calling the American Church to repentance-in-unity like never before in our nation's history. WE BELIEVE judgment is at the door, but WE BELIEVE mercy triumphs over judgment. WE BELIEVE our response to God's mercy in this very hour is determining the future of our nation. WE BELIEVE, as His laborers, we haven't seen His intended harvest because we haven't truly come together in repentance-in-unity.     

WE BELIEVE only God can bring increase. WE BELIEVE every Christian is called to be His instrument of increase. WE BELIEVE that in every generation, God calls some to serve on the front lines. WE BELIEVE that Pentecost Walk, unworthy as we are, is among those called forward for such a time as this. 

WE BELIEVE that as ambassadors of the National Prayer of Repentance, our mission has been catalytic to regional groundswells of repentance-in-unity. WE BELIEVE these groundswells are merely the birth pangs of a coming nationwide outpouring. 

WE BELIEVE God is paving the way for pastors-and-leaders across the nation to join with us in an unprecedented flood of friendship-driven unity and partnership. WE BELIEVE that, together, we will help usher the American Church into God's open arms of revival. 

Before Tom was saved, he was a musician, but once he was born again, he became a worshipper.  Before he trained to become a pastor, he was a working singer/songwriter. Even as a middle-aged dude, he still uses this powerful gift, and by God's grace, it's still powerful. We hope you'll be blessed...

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My Confession: From Trial to Trophy

"...In the deepest, gut-wrenching throes of godly sorrow, I repented. And God met me right there. After patiently wooing me to embrace His marvelous gift of repentance, God gave me a do-over..."