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From Chaos to Covenant


Charlotte, NC to Washington, DC . . . October 16-23, 2016


A Prayer for Healing & Reconciliation

ALMIGHTY GOD, have mercy on Your Church! Have mercy on America!

In this pivotal hour for the destiny of our nation, we cry out for Your mercy, that You would save us from ourselves. We acknowledge that in sinning against one another, we have sinned against You. 1 We long for the fruits of humility and repentance, yet our actions defy both. “Help us O Lord, for the godly are fast disappearing!” 2

We segregate ourselves by common offense and call it unity. We prostitute ourselves by partisanship and call it righteousness. We blame others for the state of our Union, when Your Word clearly says, “if My people….” All the while, we keep advancing our agendas, as a generation retreats from spiritual and civic engagement.

Forgive us O God; we have abdicated our profound responsibility—to be Your ambassadors of reconciliation in these polarizing times. We come before You now, desperate for a do-over. Teach us to walk afresh in Your humility and compassion. Keep us grounded in Your strength, as You strengthen us to find common ground with one another—not just on Election Day, but every day.

Re-unite these United States!  Lord, You are good and Your mercy endures forever. 3 Have mercy on us and heal our land. AMEN.


1 See Psalm 51:3-4

2 Psalm 12:1a NLT

3 See Psalm 136


Before Tom was saved, he was a musician, but once he was born again, he became a worshipper.  Before he trained to become a pastor, he was a working singer/songwriter. Even as a middle-aged dude, he still uses this powerful gift, and by God's grace, it's still powerful. We hope you'll be blessed...

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