Repentance in Unity


We're an inter-denominational Christian prayer movement calling the body of Christ to bridge every break within our ranks and humbly bow before heaven as one people in prayer—that genuine repentance would revive every pulpit and every parish in America, reminding us that the power to be Christ’s witness does not come from the strength of the human spirit, but from the fire of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that as the Church goes, so goes the nation...
Not a posture of arrogance, but of responsibility.

Our mission is succinctly articulated by the acrostic RU4ONE, which stands for Repentance in Unity for One Nation under God...not a "manifest destiny" promise for America only, but God's promised 2 Chronicles 7:14 destiny for any nation (people) that might surrender to Him as one. Our call-to-repentance is underscored by a continuing series of prayerwalks across the length and breadth of our nation (23,000 miles to date), the first of which began on Pentecost Sunday 2001.

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Tom's CBN Interview

This TV interview was taped prior to the 435-District Re:UnionWalk.

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