Rev. Kevin Roberts is a passionate servant-leader and a loyal friend. He and his wife, Vikki, spent their first five years of marriage helping to plant a church in Wyoming before moving back to their hometown in Oregon, where Kevin was the Worship Pastor of a thriving fellowship in the Portland area. A gifted musician and exhorter, God uses Kevin as an evangelistic torch to both ignite-and-rekindle hearts unto intimate relationship with Christ, our heavenly Bridegroom.

Kevin has been Tom's "captain" since the first steps of the mission in 2001. He and Vikki feel a strong kinship to the RU4ONE vision, but an even stronger bond with Tom and Deanna, whom they've known since their high school days, when Kevin played drums in Tom's worship band and Vikki babysat the Demaree kids. All these years later, Kevin and Vik have five beautiful kids of their own, from ages 11 to 22. They make their home just outside of Franklin, Tennessee. 


Missionary Volunteers

This ministry wouldn’t be possible without the selfless efforts of countless missionary volunteers—family, friends, pastors and leaders from all over the country, who have joined together in agreement to see our nation change. There are literally too many names to mention, so many of whom have become the dearest of friends. That said, we want to give special honor to Paula & Dave Miller, who have served us faithfully for over a decade now.

The Body of Christ

Thus far, our prayerwalks have ranged from a handful to multiple thousands, but we believe even more will walk with us, and millions will say “amen” by signing our National Prayer of Repentance